How To Choose An Instrument & Find A Music School For Your Musically Talented Child?

If you are the parent of a young child and debating what instrument they should start, the process is a little different than choosing an instrument for yourself. Age and size are a factor! Some children are ready to begin piano or violin when they are as young as three years old. For others, five or six is the ideal time to begin.

Attention, Ability and Interest Level are the determining factors for age

Cello and guitar can also be started early, usually around age five or six. Violin, cello and guitar all have small sizes for the very young beginner. Piano lessons provide a solid foundation for any further musical studies.

Wind instruments are usually held off until age seven to nine, as they involve larger reaches and breathing issues (although sometimes trumpet will work with a younger child).

So how does a parent decide which instrument for their child? First make sure you introduce your child to the sounds of the instruments. Take your child to piano recitals and to hear the orchestra, listen to recordings, and watch YouTube videos of classical musician together. Also, listen to your children if they tell you they prefer the piano over the violin or vice versa. Talk about the roles of different instruments in various ensembles.

Think about whether your child will be starting an instrument in school (usually fourth grade) and if you want a head start. Consider the fact that most section leaders in school orchestras or wind ensembles started their instruments much earlier than fourth grade with private lessons. Many children begin two instruments. Over time, one instrument becomes their main instrument and one their secondary (less practiced but still appreciated and often played at school or just for fun).

Once you have decided what instrument to play, find a reputable music school! You will need an experienced professional musician to teach you. Find someone you can connect with. This person will be your musical mentor. Practice as much as you can and enjoy bringing music into your life.