What Instrument Should I Learn Or Play In A Band? How To Choose The Right Instrument?

First and foremost, choose an instrument you love. If you have always wanted to play guitar, then guitar is the instrument you will be motivated to practice. If you love the sound of the clarinet in the orchestra, than clarinet might be the instrument for you.

Choosing the right instrument involves knowing how different instruments sound, and some basic idea of how they work

If you are a teenager or adult and just starting out, take a trip to the orchestra, the opera, a piano recital or a rock concert. What instruments appeal to you the most? Think about the tone of each instrument. Choose an instrument you will be excited to play, knowing that the process of learning is gradual and requires time, patience and practice.

Think about your future goals. Do you want to sing in a chorus or be on Broadway? Take singing lessons, but don’t forget about piano! Learning some basic piano skills will help you prepare your part for rehearsals.

Do you want to join an orchestra? If you are thinking one of the winds, listening to woodwind quintets, brass quintets and chamber music with wind instruments can help you hear the different timbres (sound qualities) of each instrument.

If you are considering a string instrument, your choices are violin, viola, cello or bass. Your dream is to form a rock band? Think of singing, guitar, bass, keyboard or drums as your instrument. Piano is the ideal instrument to play alone, but don’t forget you can also play with other musicians. Four-hand duets (two people at one piano), accompanying (with singers or other instruments) and chamber music also give pianists wonderful opportunities to make music with other instrumentalists.